Thursday, December 3, 2009

goodbye fall...

I can not believe it's December. I love everything about Autumn- the smells, the crisp air, the beautiful leaves, plus we have our birthdays and anniversary.

I am realizing I love it so much that I'm missing out on 3 other seasons! I spend the first part of winter wishing it were still fall, then finally resign myself the the fact that it's over and suddenly spring has arrived. Spring is pleasant, but I can't help finding myself wondering why the budding of a tree's leaves isn't nearly as beautiful as the way it parts with them. And summer begins, the heat reminds me why I love the fall and I dream the summer away with thoughts of cool evenings and pumpkin muffins.

What a waste!

I can't help thinking that I live most of my life the way I think of the seasons; how many beautiful opportunities am I missing?

So, in honor of the change in my viewpoint on life, I am going to embrace the season! I am trying to think of fun things to do with the boys that will highlight the wonderful things that happen in the winter.

...I'm not coming up with much (I've had this habit way too long!) Any suggestions?

I guess while they nap I better look for a less "Fall-themed" blog template too!

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  1. Minnesota is rulled by winter! Because of the long months we spend under a blanket of white people have come up with all kinds of activities and hobbies that go along with the winter... but most revolve around the snow which you wont see much of in Oklahoma... Hot chocolate, movies, and popcorn are always nice! Wood Wick candles crackle and pop like a fire place and have great fragrances to make it nice to cozying down when it's cold out. Driving around to see Christmas lights... Indoor crafts... It's hard with little kids since they don't do so well in the cold and on the ice... Let's keep thinking and brainstorming!