Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thank You Blogger Moms

Yesterday morning, as we were eating breakfast, I was explaining the health benefits of the lacto-fermented salsa I've been enjoying making lately to Mr. Reliable when he suddenly stopped me. "You should teach a class!" he said emphatically.

"A class about salsa? It isn't really that hard, I doubt anyone needs a class on it."

"No, I mean... The way you combine thriftiness and healthiness! I can see you teaching a class on it."

This is possibly the best compliment I have received in years! Not because I want to teach a class or because I think I'm even half-way qualified, but in that statement he was telling me that he thinks I take care of our family so well that I should teach other people how to do the same! I think as a wife and a mom I am constantly trying to find a better way to do things- and it feels so good to be recognized!

So thanks friends and blogger moms for sharing all your tips, ideas, recipes, trials and errors! You are helping me be a better homemaker; and that makes my home happier!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Morning Joy

Having two babies in two years has made me forget how wonderful a quite morning is! For about a week now I've been waking up an hour before the boys stir to stretch, grab a piece of fruit, and sometimes even take a shower in privacy (it's wonderful!). I am so much happier to hear their little voices in the morning when I'm awake and alert than when it's the first sound I hear and I'm just praying that it's still nighttime and that they'll go back to sleep.

I hear a little voice right now!