Tuesday, November 24, 2009

moving sale

A month or so ago, I helped my grandma with her moving sale. A man came in and was standing in the kitchen, obviously wanting to talk, so I give him the necessary half-smile to acknowledge his presence and the conversation begins and goes something like this:

Man: "Well, I just got home from a retreat, so I'm wearing my casual clothes"
I nod my head
Man (in a voice of importance): "You know, a pastor's retreat. It was good. Then my wife wanted to take me around to all these sales"
Me: "Oh"
Man (with pride swelling in each word): "We like to go to these sales to buy things for the church. Everything we buy is for the church. Well, and for my grandson and his new wife. I married them at the church I got married at."
Me (in the flattest tone I could utter): "That's nice."
Man (as proud as a man can get): "Yeah, they didn't want anyone else to marry them, I'm a pastor, you know."
That is when I exited the room and left him standing there by himself.

Leaving was the ONLY thing I could do!!!

He then entered the living room to spread his "christian love" to the rest of my family and the shoppers.

I can not figure out what the man wanted from me!?!? Did he want me to treat him special? Give him a discount? Ask him to pray for me? Beg him to anoint the house with oil?

I don't know what he wanted, but I sure do know that his behavior has caused me to cringe at the idea of being labeled a christian.

Jesus was kind, humble, and loving. And love is not boastful, proud, or self-seeking. Jesus is somebody I can follow.

PS I just love this picture from the city we used to live in's celebration of the "Year of the Cow" Yes. That cow is mooning you.

***edited to add the (emotions)


  1. my best friend and i implement a useful technique called the parenthetical mood. it's for those of us who have difficulty reading emotion in text.
    for instance, reading this story at first glance, i noticed that he was just trying to chat (regardless his conversation starters)... but maybe there's a tone in here i'm missing. (pleasant)

  2. haha. I love the cow and I love you!