Monday, November 9, 2009

The death of channel surfing...

My little man loves to sing and dance. I mean he loves to sing and dance. One of the first things he does after breakfast every morning is to ask me to turn on the "meamu" so he can dance. He's at the age where he picks up on everything and he has just realized that the songs on the radio have real words to them. We do a lot of channel surfing in the car, because like most people, we hate commercials! So we tend to stop on anything that has a decent beat... that's officially over.

Saturday night we went to some friends' house for dinner. They are great friends, but definitely fall on the more conservative end of the spectrum. As we were all enjoying our dinner, Boots decided to share his vocal stylings with us: "Good Night... Tonight Good, Gooooood Night, Good Night! ("Tonight's gonna be a good night, Tonight's gonna be a good, good night...") " We laughed and explained that it's a song on the radio that Cyrus really likes. Before we could finish our explanation he bursts out into his rendition of Gwen Stephani's "Hey Baby." Yep. They understood him. "Is that 'Hey Baby'?" that asked. And my cheeks got red. There died our channel surfing days. RIP.

Boots really is an awesome boy with such a fun personality. He has a special song that he made that he likes to sing throughout the day and always before bedtime. It goes like this: "Jee-jaa, I wrike Jeja" Translation: "Je-sus, I like Jesus" It melts my heart. And helps me to get through the "hey baby" incidents.