Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Freedom for Christmas

It's christmas time again. I've been really busy this month with projects (pictures to come when I get my camera from my parents). I made all our gift sacks from scrap cloth my mom gave me, made several hand picked herbal teas, and made felt food for Boots and all 3 of my nieces.

We're celebrating Christmas as a family tonight, since we will be leaving town when Mr. Reliable gets off work on Christmas eve. We will exchange gifts, eat pizza (family favorite), drink hot chocolate, and pick someone to help. This year it's with the International Justice Mission. We can choose to designate our money to a certain area or to a specific need (rescuing trafficked women, freeing slaves, justice for the sexually abused, or protecting widows and orphans). If you are not familiar with the IJM it's worth checking out! They work on the whole picture, investigating possible crimes against humans, rescue and aftercare, and prosecution of the people who commit the crimes. The website is www.ijm.org Can you imagine giving someone freedom for christmas? Merry indeed. That's the kind of stuff Jesus does.

Have a happy holiday.


  1. Your boys are so handsome! Thanks for sharing about the IJM and your Christmas. Have a wonderful time :)

  2. love it and love you. I need to visit real soon!