Sunday, March 14, 2010

finding new jeans

I've been thinking about growing pains (the actual process, not the show) About how it just kind of hurts to change and grow; and how sometimes the ideas you've worn for years just don't seem to fit anymore and not only that, they're more worn out than your favorite pair of jeans (you know, the ones that have holes in all the wrong places, but you just can't toss). And where do you go to find new ones that fit anyway? The new ones are all too low and they make you look like you have a serious case of mom butt.

I can't contemplate anymore tonight. I'm going to watch lost on hulu and pretend that my jeans fit just fine.


  1. hi. i like you. old jeans, new jeans, mom butt and all. if you want to talk, i'd love to listen. it's amazing how much can change in 5 years, eh? love you!!