Thursday, March 4, 2010

slow down

As I was preparing lunch today Snugs started crying. I quickly remembered that I hadn't changed his diaper in a little while and started to have a mini mental meltdown. I sat my sauce-covered spoon on the counter, grabbed him out of the exersaucer, and frantically looked for a clean diaper cover. He was laying on the floor looking up at me and crying as I pulled at the snaps on his sleeper. Then I saw his face. I took a deep breath and realized that no one was going to be upset if lunch was five minutes later. No one even cared! Mr. Reliable had taken Boots to the store to pick up something he needed, but my little one needed me. I smiled at him and spoke to him quietly. He stopped crying.

I had completely missed his need. Yes, his diaper was wet and he wanted a dry one, but he NEEDED to know that I love him, that I think he is wonderful, and that a late lunch and messy kitchen are not more important to me that him. I don't know why the tasks get so overwhelming that I forget why or for whom I am doing them.

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