Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Line-Up

I spend most of my life with my family. They are who I think about, so naturally they are who I write about...
Here's the line-up:

Me- I'm Rachel. I'm not really sure how to introduce myself, but I'll get there eventually!

Mr. Reliable- My wonderful husband. We met overseas doing the same work and have been married 3 years now. Mr. Reliable is a good, hard-working man. He's compassionate and loving, but not the romantic type. He thinks in lines and patterns, cause and effect, you know the type. He's pretty predictable (but don't tell him I said so :) ). He's a good lookin' man (and he's looking really good now that he's started doing a more physical type of job!) and I am crazy about him!

Boots- Our toddler. He just turned 2 and is really struggling into independence. He is SO much like his daddy (thinks in lines and patterns), but a little more artistic. He loves to sing and dance. And he is too smart for his own good.

Snugs- The baby. He's 6 months old and is our people person. Look at him and he'll smile and coo; don't look at him and he'll squeak and yell until you notice him so he can smile and coo.

Snugs is squeaking and Boots will be awake soon, I hope you are have a restful sunday afternoon!

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